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Revolutionising Resident Interaction

Welcome to Genaron Residential Displays, the new way to deliver instant real-time updates to your residents. Are you a Managing Agent or a Director of a Residents Association wanting to improve the flow of information to residents of your building? If so, keep scrolling!

(Yes, we've reinvented the noticeboard..!)

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"The ideal tool for Block Managers during and after Covid-19"

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Our Story

Many of the best innovations are born out of necessity. As Property Managers ourselves, we've often agonised over how difficult it can be to deliver the simplest of messages or updates to a large residential block.

Ever printed a batch of circular letters delivered via courier only to find your update is already out of date? 

Ever wondered why in an age of Uber and Deliveroo, old-fashioned property management seems to be so... erm... old-fashioned?

If you're after a solution to immediately increase resident satisfaction whilst reducing your carbon footprint and offering a modern upgrade to your block, Genaron Residential Displays have the solution for you.

It's a well known secret that "Communication is the key to effective management" so why not position yourself to be able to deliver direct messages directly to your tenants in real time?

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The Solution

So how do we do it we hear you ask? Well, its quite simple really. 

We install and operate a sleek display in your block's lobby to which we can cast our unique and engaging content.

All our displays are robust commercial monitors with a super smart software which allows us to beam all our content in 4K quality. Oh, and they make a great impression.  Our displays are oriented in portrait style to maximise exposure and kerb appeal!

Our USP is our content which is all designed in-house by our team of Graphic Designers (aided by former Property Managers). Yes, that's right - we think like you!

We can create bespoke content for you which will prominently display your logo, branding and contact details.

If you just want to beam over a copy of a letter about the insurance renewal that's fine..  But we prefer to show our slick, engaging, often light-hearted content to show a managing agent's human side.   

We're a full service outfit and are well aware that Managing Agents work all hours. If you need an urgent message to go out at 10pm to tell residents when the lift engineers are arriving - we can do that too! Perhaps you want to share photo updates of a Major Works project or introduce a new member of staff? Or to let everyone know the code to the front door is being changed. Whatever the update, it can be transmitted in a way that makes you, your client and your property look a million dollars. 

All we'll need is a power supply and a broadband connection and we're set. 

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Update your tenants with anything.. instantly!










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